Hanging Light Ideas For Indoor Decoration

Hanging lights are a great way to line a room with an ornament that looks pretty, and does the job of providing some extra light. Great for winter months, these lights give a warm and welcoming feeling to a space.

Copper Cookie Cutter String Lights

Stylish and chic, these string lights add a touch of arts and crafts to any room. There are 18 mains powered warm white LED lights, with copper effect cookie cutter star and heart shapes.

LED Mobile Snowflake Lights

The Snowflake LED mobile creates a chilled out atmosphere in any room with a beautiful and phasing tranquil light effect.

Perfect for a child’s bedroom or play area, the light makes a fantastic night light, which soothes and stimulates with colourful soft light.

Each Snowflakes LED Mobile requires 3 x AAA batteries [you can add them to your order, below] and comes smartly packaged in a frosted plastic box.


Shopping Tips When Buying Electrical Products

Getting the right electrical products can be a hassle if you do it in inefficient and unnecessary ways. There are some simple things you can do before you even set foot outside, it all comes down to your mind-set before hand.

Don’t wait to buy electrical products until you have to.

Buying electrical products before you have to can take a great weight off of your mind. We rely on our electrical goods a lot more than we realise. So don’t wait until you are forced to realise it, as well as having to buy the item you need.

Consider what you need and what you love.

While there’s something to be said for the basic electrical products that we use. But buying items that are simply put, basic, can be stifling and boring. Consider more interesting lighting or more decorative entertainment products when shopping around. It can make the shopping itself more interesting, and the product itself is often more appreciated as a result.

Removing a Ceiling Light Fixture

Ceiling fixtures can come in many different configurations, with various ways in which they are attached to the ceiling overhead. Most of the time however, a central threaded hollow rod holds a chandelier in place.

Ceiling fixtures commonly hang by two screws that attach the fixture base to the outlet box or to a mounting strap in the outlet box.

Before getting started make sure there is no electrical current flowing to the light fixture. This is done by flipping the circuit breaker in the circuit box.

Once this has been done, remove the metal plate which holds the wiring in place. This will allow you to get to the junction box. A metal box which houses connected electrical wires.

Unscrew the crossbar and wire nuts that are holding the rest of the fixture in place. This will leave a whole with only wires and the junction box remaining in place.

Modern Lighting Trends for 2016

The new year is almost upon us and with it an array of new lights and fixtures. Some representing traditional and vintage styles, updated to a modern standard. Others that focus on an artistic appeal, making use of colour and elevation to light a space.


Recessed lighting is a trend that can be mixed with traditional and contemporary lighting design. This allows interior decorating to appear seamless, creating a bright atmosphere and a high level of functional, visual comfort.

Natural Contemporary

The concept of natural light, equally distributed in living spaces is a simple and clear method of illuminating a room. But it remains a trend in 2016. A easy way to brighten up interior decorating.

Artistic Light

Contemporary lighting designs, using geometric shapes in interior decorating. Artistic illuminated objects that seem almost alien for their application. Art lights are a big trend for 2016.

LED Light Bulbs Available on the Market

A modern and stylish choice, LED light bulbs are extremely popular at the moment due to their energy saving ability and versatility.

Compared with other bulbs, LEDs are the perfect choice for lighting solutions that require maximum power, yet do not incur the big bills or the wasted energy other bulbs commonly do.

Standard LED

A warm white light, these high quality replacement LED bulbs are a quality replacement for the halogen bulbs.

Dimmable LED

Similar to standard LED bulbs, these emit a warm white light, but have the added ability to be dimmed and brightened. These are a quality replacement for the halogen bulbs.

Strip Lamp LED

A long format, strip LED light. These lamps will give you a light output of 280 lumen (roughly equivalent 60 watts old incandescent).

LED Candle Lamp

A candle lamp with a clear finish, and large bayonet cap fitting. It has a low energy consumption but provides a high light output.

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