Why are air fryers so popular?

A kitchen appliance that has become so popular in recent months is the air fryer and in fact some supermarkets have started to include cooking instructions for air fryers on their food packaging. Most people who use an air fryer say that they use them so frequently that we wouldn’t want to be without them and finding one to buy is becoming more difficult so, why are they so popular and which features should I be looking out for when I buy one?

The main advantage that air fryers have over grilling, or oven baking food is that they are more energy efficient. Some models will even cook a whole chicken in a fraction of the time it takes to cook a chicken in the oven and unlike in a microwave the result is crispy and browned.

Air fryers have improved somewhat from when they were first advertised and now are more compact, have digital displays and variable heat settings. The original air fryers had a paddle that rotates the food as it is cooking but some models do not have a padd...
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Best fans on the market to keep us cool this summer

When the weather gets hotter causing us to have trouble sleeping at night many of us dash to the shops to buy a fan. Once there, we are often bombarded with a whole range of different products and the prices differ considerably, so which are the best fans to buy?

The cheapest and probably the most common is the desk fan. This is a small fan that as the name suggests can sit on a desk or table. This type of fan is ideal for the bedroom as it can be sited on a bedside table and switched on easily during the night if required.

The next most popular is the pedestal fan which is great to use in the living room and can be set to oscillate so that everyone can feel the cool breeze it produces. As it is free standing it can be moved around the room as required and most models can be raised or lowered, as necessary.

If you are restricted for space a tower fan is a good option. It takes up far less space than a traditional pedestal fan but produces an equal amount of cooling breeze ...
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Upgrading your home entertainment system

It you enjoy sitting down in an evening and watching a film or inviting friends and family over for a movie night, then you most probably want to invest in a good entertainment system. When choosing a TV, you need to consider where it will go as often this will impact the options you have of screen size. Once you know where your TV will go, you need to think about the sound system that you may want. You can opt for a full sound system with several speakers and a sub to deliver the higher pitches along with the bass. If you are limited on room, then you may instead choose a sound bar. Some sound bars can deliver a fantastic sound and are even better than full speaker systems, but if you want true surround sound where the sound is delivered all around the room then you may opt for a speaker system.

You can pay anything from £30 upwards of £2200 for a sound bar and even more for a full speaker system which could cost up to £20,000. It is always a good idea to go somewhere where ...
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How to save money whilst using your electrical appliances

With prices of pretty much all our household bills rising it’s important to consider where we can be saving energy and money. If your appliances are fairly new they should have energy efficiency ratings on them. When purchasing new appliances you should always opt for the most energy efficient ones as these will save you money in the long run.

Many appliance that use a lot of energy like a washing machine, dish washer or tumble dryer usually have an eco setting. Often people avoid these as it takes the appliance longer to run a cycle. This setting does however save energy, therefore money. In the case of a washing machine and dishwasher this setting uses less water and washes at a lower temperature saving lots of energy.

Lots of people wash their clothes at 40 degrees however most of the washing detergent companies state that their products work just as well washing at 30 degrees. By turning your washing machine down from 40 to 30 degrees you could be saving as much as 40% ...
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Appliance insurance for peace of mind

Our homes are full of appliances that we use to make our lives easier. Some are large such as washing machines and dishwashers, others either sit on the counter such as kettles and toasters or live in a cupboard and are reached out when needed such as mixers and electric knives. When we buy these appliances nine times out of ten we will be offered the opportunity to take out insurance in case the appliance breaks down but is it worth taking out this insurance or do we just end up paying more for your goods?

All new appliances have a twelve month guarantee from new which covers breakdowns so as long as you have been careful to only use your appliance as instructed you will be able to get a new one or a repair free of charge should anything go wrong. Some larger appliances have a two year manufacturer’s warranty or even five years and all it takes is for the owner to register the warranty with the manufacturer. This will usually cover major breakdowns and so the appliances are c...
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