Having the wiring checked in your home

Over the years electrical wiring standards have changed massively. What was once acceptable is no longer good practice but in older houses it can be usual to find lots of out dated writing. Often this only becomes apparent when you come to have work done on your home by an electrician. Although you may not legally need to change it, it can be good practice to get your wiring updated.

Often you may find that lights and sockets in your home do not have an earth. This is a safety feature which is now installed in all electrics but was not mandatory a number of years ago.

If you find that your electrics are tripping then you may have a fault that needs to be investigated.

An electrician will be able to carry out a test on the property to try and establish if there are any faults. Unfortunately, often they cannot tell you exactly what the fault is until they have done more checks and tests and this can be costly. If you need a full rewire you may have to fork out over a thousan...
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Save money by changing the lighting in your home

Most homeowners are eager to save money on their electricity and gas bills wherever possible and a simple way that some savings can be made is to look at the type of lighting in the home and whether it is economical in terms of energy efficiency.

The traditional incandescent light bulbs that were a common feature in many homes are expensive to use and do not last very long and so if there are light fittings and lamps in the home which use these bulbs it is a wise move to change the bulbs for energy efficient ones. Although these are more expensive initially there will be a huge saving made over just a few months. LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular as the lighting that they produce can be varied from bright white to warm white effects. They save the homeowner money in two ways firstly by using less electricity to run and secondly because they last longer than a standard bulb.

Further savings can be made by changing light fittings that use three or five bulbs for ones...
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Checking the Electricity Supply for a New Garage Door

Electric garage doors are becoming ever more popular. Homeowners and landlords are recognising their value and time and space saving devices, as well as their additional security benefits. If you are thinking of installing one, then you should first check that the electricity supply is adequate and you will be able to wire in your new garage door. This could be an issue if there isn't currently an electricity supply to your garage, or if you haven't had an electric garage door previously.

Check with an installation expert, who will be able to tell you whether you can install an electric garage door at all. They can advise you on the electricity supply and if you need to get an electrician involved, you can find out more about what is needed. For most homes, it will be possible to install an electrically operated garage door, but it may take some preparation beforehand.

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Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors – are they Worth the Money?

Roller shutter garage doors come in two types: electric and manual. With an electric door, there will be a motor that opens and closes the door, so you don't have to do it yourself manually. Other than this, the design of the doors is very much the same, so is it worth opening and closing the door electrically, for more money?

As with anything garage door related, the choice is yours. It is up to you to decide what matters to you and what you are willing or able to prioritise. This includes whether it's important to you to be able to open your garage door more easily, and more quickly. If it is, then an electric roller shutter door could be exactly what you need. It will roll up much more quickly and with minimal effort.

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Electric Door Openers: Your Questions Answered

Buying a new garage door? Want to enhance your existing garage door? Electric door openers are the perfect option. They will offer you a touch of luxury, allowing you to open your garage door without even having to leave the comfort of your home or your car. Many customers choose to install electric garage door openers rather than installing a brand new garage door. If there is nothing wrong with your existing garage door, then this can be a beneficial, cost-effective option for you.

How much work does it take to fit a garage door opener? Can I do it myself?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you might be able to fit a garage door opener yourself. It isn’t too complex a process, but do bear in mind you will be working with electricity and that if you are at all unsure, it’s better to ask a professional to do it. They can ensure your garage door opener is fitted safely and accurately – remember it will need to be fitted properly or you could void your warranty.

How much wil...
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