A Guide To PC Towers and Cases – Part 2

Continued from part 1:

With some hardware knowledge in mind, the next step is to look for the specific components that are to be installed in the tower.

Base Components

You may have some components from other PCs to use, or perhaps you are starting from scratch with all new parts, either way the base components you need are always the same.

The base components you will need are: A motherboard, a graphics card (if the motherboard does not feature on-board graphics), a power supply, processor, hard drive and the necessary wiring and connectors for the parts.

With these components you will be able to build the most basic PC. You can of course add components to it at a later stage, components such as a new hard drive or more powerful graphics card can be added.

Always check to make sure you have the necessary connections on your motherboard. Certain components require certain slots in order to work, if your motherboard does not have the slot, you wont be able to connect that component to your PC.