Best fans on the market to keep us cool this summer

When the weather gets hotter causing us to have trouble sleeping at night many of us dash to the shops to buy a fan. Once there, we are often bombarded with a whole range of different products and the prices differ considerably, so which are the best fans to buy?

The cheapest and probably the most common is the desk fan. This is a small fan that as the name suggests can sit on a desk or table. This type of fan is ideal for the bedroom as it can be sited on a bedside table and switched on easily during the night if required.

The next most popular is the pedestal fan which is great to use in the living room and can be set to oscillate so that everyone can feel the cool breeze it produces. As it is free standing it can be moved around the room as required and most models can be raised or lowered, as necessary.

If you are restricted for space a tower fan is a good option. It takes up far less space than a traditional pedestal fan but produces an equal amount of cooling breeze and can also be set to oscillate.