Installing electric gates at your property

If you are considering having gates installed to the front of your property, then you may want to have electric ones. They offer several advantages over manual ones and can also add value to your home. You may even find that they help to bring your house insurance down and can act as a deterrent for burglars.

There are several different types of electric gates and you need to think carefully about how you will be using them in order to decide which ones will be best for you. If you often have visitors then you may want to install an intercom system on the gates too and a button to allow you to open them from inside your home. Although this may be more costly than a remote control set of gates, it can increase your security and make life a lot easier.

It is also a good idea to have pedestrian access so that you do not have to open the gates completely.  

The cost of electric gates can vary massively from around a couple of thousand pounds upwards of twenty thousand pounds. ...
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Is it ok to give electrical goods as a Christmas present?

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away many people are doing their last minute buys in preparation for the big day. When it comes to choosing gifts for someone, you may struggle to know what to buy them. Some people just want presents that they need which may appear a little boring to others while others may not care what they have as long as it is a surprise. When it comes to electrical goods, again people have mixed reviews. Some people do not want to receive technology such as tablets, music systems or kitchen electrical good such as coffee makers and blenders, whereas others don’t mind at all and actually welcome something that is going to be useful. It is important to try and gauge the opinion of the person you are buying for. If your budget allows you could always buy one electrical item and then a different item too so they have the best of both worlds. Often hair dryers, straighteners and phones are a quite welcomed gift in many households. IF you are buying anything ...
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Should we be scared of the listening devices in our living rooms?

More and more people are getting home listening devices in their homes such as Google nest and Amazon Alexa as they try to embrace new technology and make their lives easier in some ways. There has been however some debate about the wisdom of having a device in the home that could potentially be listening to conversations and tracking an individual’s internet searches and targeting marketing to these individuals as a result of this.

It is without doubt that we live in a world where our privacy is compromised continually as companies sell on our details to the highest bidder. Targeted advertising has become commonplace on our mobile devices so it would be very difficult to avoid this but the listening devices in our homes take this a step further as a recent development indicates that Alexa will be able to predict our next response from a question posed. For example, if we ask for the opening times of an attraction in a certain location the device will ask whether we want to kn...
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Retractable Security Grilles – a Good Idea for your Property?

Security grilles are used in windows to give additional security. They are designed to prevent someone from breaking and entering via the window. They are often used in commercial properties, though they could equally be used in domestic residences. This is more likely if the property is on the ground floor, as security grilles will give added protection when windows are open. One way to make security grilles more appealing is to install retractable grilles that are controlled by an electronic system. This will mean that they don't have to be in place all the time and can easily be controlled using a remote control. This is good in the residential sector, where aesthetics are important. Think about fitting security grilles to your commercial or residential building to give you further peace of mind. They have high success rates and by making them retractable, you will have the best of both worlds.
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Understanding how electric garage door operators work

You have probably seen electric garage door operators around. They help close and open the garage doors to eliminate the need for manual labour. Other than opening and closing doors, how does it work? All kinds and brands of door operators for your garage follow the same mechanism. Electric garage, counter to common belief, do not use electricity to give the doors' lifting power. Preferably the electricity comes into play when managing the garage door. The electric operator allows the owner to regulate how far the door opens and closes through the electric motor. This motor, which is applied to open and close the door, can command the distance the garage door opens and closes by restricting the power once it gets a signal to do so from the remote control. This is a useful characteristic as it allows for easy management of the door. (more…)
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