Choosing the right pc monitor for gaming

Pc gamers are now few and far between as games consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation are often the more popular choice. There are some games, especially old games that are only available on the PC but most other games are available on these other platforms now.

Gaming monitors are not only used for PC’s though, but many gamers are also now adding them to their consoles for an enhanced experience.

PC monitors often have a better specification as they usually have a higher refresh rate and a quicker response time than TV’s.

Using a gaming monitor for your games console also means that you can free up the TV for others to watch. This may be useful if you have family members that want to watch the telly.

Small gaming monitors from 22 inch to 27 inch range from about £100-£300 pounds but the larger gaming monitors can cost upwards of £600. You need to check the compatibility of the console to the monitor and decide if you want to use a HDMI lead or a VGA lead. If ...
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Shopping Tips When Buying Electrical Products

Getting the right electrical products can be a hassle if you do it in inefficient and unnecessary ways. There are some simple things you can do before you even set foot outside, it all comes down to your mind-set before hand. Don't wait to buy electrical products until you have to. Buying electrical products before you have to can take a great weight off of your mind. We rely on our electrical goods a lot more than we realise. So don't wait until you are forced to realise it, as well as having to buy the item you need. Consider what you need and what you love. While there's something to be said for the basic electrical products that we use. But buying items that are simply put, basic, can be stifling and boring. Consider more interesting lighting or more decorative entertainment products when shopping around. It can make the shopping itself more interesting, and the product itself is often more appreciated as a result.
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PC Speakers Or PC Headphones?

It's becoming very common that people have their entire music collection on their computers. With Wi-Fi and streaming technology easily available, it's a natural transition to do so. But once you've got access to your music, how are you going to get it out of your computer and into your ears? There's two main ways of doing this. Through speakers or headphones, this post looks at the advantages of both. Headphones A big advantage with headphones is that they allow you to discretely listen to what ever you want. This is great in shared living spaces as you wont disturb anyone else. It also allows you to block out music you don't like by playing your own. Speakers Speakers have a big advantage in that its simply better to listen to music on speakers. The array and functionality of sound systems and subwoofers dwarfs that of headphones. Its hard for even the most expensive pair of headphones to compare to even a low-mid range set of PC speakers.  
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Unusual Office Accessories

Maybe you're restocking the office and you need to get some new equipment. A new office chair, some staplers, the usual office supplies that are required. But maybe it's time to add some unique ornaments into your workspace. Available on are many new office add-ons that you may never of thought of. Mini Office Bins Shaped like the trash disposal bins that you see on the street. These bins are cute and functional, adding that subtle sense of humour to your desk. Desktop Gargoyle Maybe you are in one of those moods where you just want to get your work done and go home. Well a desktop gargoyle can ward off any unwanted intruders that may disturb you. Hourglass Desk Clock This weird looking clock is edgy. Adding that little something overt to your desk. There are many fun, funky accessories available online. You might spend a lot of time at your desk, why not make it interesting?
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Creating a Superb Home Cinema

A home cinema room can be a nice option in a home, and with today’s technology there’s no reason why you can’t bring the feel of a movie theatre into your home. There is certain audio visual technology you’ll need though, if you want to make your home theatre a success. Obviously a large HD display is a must, especially if you want to enjoy quality Blu-ray movies like you’re at the cinema. You then need surround sounds and preferably a stereo left speaker and a stereo right speaker at both sides of the room. A subwoofer would also be a nice addition, and it will give your theatre some energy when the big action scenes take place. In some cases, you may then want rear left and right speakers too and a centre unit, but this may depend on the size of the room and how much you want to annoy your neighbours. Once this is all in place with a comfy sofa or set of chairs, the other equipment is easy, and you basically just need a Blu-ray player. If you’re a movie lover,...
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