Electric Door Openers: Your Questions Answered

Buying a new garage door? Want to enhance your existing garage door? Electric door openers are the perfect option. They will offer you a touch of luxury, allowing you to open your garage door without even having to leave the comfort of your home or your car. Many customers choose to install electric garage door openers rather than installing a brand new garage door. If there is nothing wrong with your existing garage door, then this can be a beneficial, cost-effective option for you.

How much work does it take to fit a garage door opener? Can I do it myself?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you might be able to fit a garage door opener yourself. It isn’t too complex a process, but do bear in mind you will be working with electricity and that if you are at all unsure, it’s better to ask a professional to do it. They can ensure your garage door opener is fitted safely and accurately – remember it will need to be fitted properly or you could void your warranty.

How much will a garage door opener cost?

Garage door openers are considerably cheaper than a new garage door but they’re also probably not going to be a budget option. You can expect to pay in the region of a few hundred pounds for a new garage door opener.

Will an electric door opener need a lot of maintenance?

No – just make sure they are working properly and get any issues checked over, otherwise you could damage the mechanism. In general, garage door openers are robust and will last a long time with relatively little maintenance. You should think about getting a door opener serviced every once in a while to protect it against wear and tear, and to make sure it is working efficiently.

What types of garage door can an electric opener be used with?

They’re usually used with up and over garage doors, because they are easy to automate. If you want a door that is electrically operated from the off, then you will probably be considering another type of door altogether, such as a sectional door or a roller shutter door. Check compatibility before you decide on the door opener you are going to buy. Different brands have different specifications.

Is an electric door opener worth the money?

Electrical garage door openers are very good value for money. This is because they will make an existing garage door open automatically, without you having to invest in a whole new door. It can provide very good value for money by lasting a long time into the future.

An electric door opener isn’t overly expensive but it’s still a big investment. Think carefully before you buy and make sure you are 100% happy with your decision, and check you have the exact specifications you need too. If you are buying a door opener online, check with the supplier, find out their recommendations for your type of door and make sure the model you choose is going to be fully compatible.