GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition

The GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition is an innovation in creating and capturing content from the most extreme of environments. So far it has one of the highest ratings for functionality, quality and durability due to its vast range of movie quality full HD settings, image frame burst, remote control,  app control features and a range of ever expanding accessories.

The Hero 3 comes with build in wifi that allows you to use your remote to control the camera from wherever you are and to have a two way communication between the camera and the GoPro App (on iSO and Android platforms).

As standard the Black edition is a 12MP camera which can shoot at either 7MP or 5MP to accommodate for saving battery. It also features a time-lapse bode and a 30fps burst mode to you can get creative with your image capture, especially for the world of extreme sports and can shoot up to 4k which is movie quality.