How to save money whilst using your electrical appliances

With prices of pretty much all our household bills rising it’s important to consider where we can be saving energy and money. If your appliances are fairly new they should have energy efficiency ratings on them. When purchasing new appliances you should always opt for the most energy efficient ones as these will save you money in the long run.

Many appliance that use a lot of energy like a washing machine, dish washer or tumble dryer usually have an eco setting. Often people avoid these as it takes the appliance longer to run a cycle. This setting does however save energy, therefore money. In the case of a washing machine and dishwasher this setting uses less water and washes at a lower temperature saving lots of energy.

Lots of people wash their clothes at 40 degrees however most of the washing detergent companies state that their products work just as well washing at 30 degrees. By turning your washing machine down from 40 to 30 degrees you could be saving as much as 40% of the energy normally used in each cycle!

Lastly don’t forget, when you’re not using an electrical item switch it off at the plug, leaving electrical appliances on standby wastes energy and money everyday.