Is electric heating a good choice for the modern home?

When you are deciding on the main type of heating you will have in your home there are basically four options, gas, oil, solid fuel or electric. More recently there is also the greener option of solar panels and ground or air source heat pumps however these on their own are unlikely to provide all the energy needs for a home.

Energy provided by gas either mains or bottled has been a popular choice for many homeowners partly because mains gas has always been a cheaper option. Many people prefer to cook with gas appliances and find the ability to control gas hob rings better than electric. Gas boilers can provide heating for several radiators and provide instant hot water.

Oil used to be an expensive fuel to use for a household’s energy needs but more recently it has become cheaper as the global price of oil has fallen. It has benefits similar to gas except that an alternative cooking fuel source is needed.

In more recent times there has been much debate about the pollution caused by solid fuel heating, and it is rumoured that it could be banned in the near future.

Using electricity as an energy provider for a home has always been seen as a clean form of heating and cooking. It is easily controllable and modern storage heaters or underfloor heating can be used to provide background heating in every room.