LED Light Bulbs Available on the Market

A modern and stylish choice, LED light bulbs are extremely popular at the moment due to their energy saving ability and versatility.

Compared with other bulbs, LEDs are the perfect choice for lighting solutions that require maximum power, yet do not incur the big bills or the wasted energy other bulbs commonly do.

Standard LED

A warm white light, these high quality replacement LED bulbs are a quality replacement for the halogen bulbs.

Dimmable LED

Similar to standard LED bulbs, these emit a warm white light, but have the added ability to be dimmed and brightened. These are a quality replacement for the halogen bulbs.

Strip Lamp LED

A long format, strip LED light. These lamps will give you a light output of 280 lumen (roughly equivalent 60 watts old incandescent).

LED Candle Lamp

A candle lamp with a clear finish, and large bayonet cap fitting. It has a low energy consumption but provides a high light output.