Microsoft Resignation

Microsoft’s current CEO has, it has recently been announced, decided to resign for the good of the company. Microsoft, in contrast to its history, has in recent times been on the back foot, what with its competitors like apple taking its place as the main innovator in field. Microsoft’s main product was its PC operating system, windows. Well, PC’s have begun to take an increasingly smaller slice of the computing devices pie, and as such, Microsoft’s market share has decreased along with. This is something which has been apparent to everyone. Microsoft has been driven towards new technologies, always trying to break its way into where the growth and competition is. It has failed. You can see all of the attempts, first with the Microsoft zoom, the Microsoft equivalent of the iPod, and more recently with the surface tablet, and its windows 8 operating system. For all of them, it has failed to become one of the leading products from among its competition, leaving the CEO, Steve Ballmer, with little option other than to resign, in order to allow the company to move forward.