PC Speakers Or PC Headphones?

It’s becoming very common that people have their entire music collection on their computers. With Wi-Fi and streaming technology easily available, it’s a natural transition to do so.

But once you’ve got access to your music, how are you going to get it out of your computer and into your ears? There’s two main ways of doing this. Through speakers or headphones, this post looks at the advantages of both.


A big advantage with headphones is that they allow you to discretely listen to what ever you want. This is great in shared living spaces as you wont disturb anyone else. It also allows you to block out music you don’t like by playing your own.


Speakers have a big advantage in that its simply better to listen to music on speakers. The array and functionality of sound systems and subwoofers dwarfs that of headphones. Its hard for even the most expensive pair of headphones to compare to even a low-mid range set of PC speakers.