The best types of Electricals to buy this Christmas

We all love opening up our Christmas presents, and this year many people will be lucky enough to gain electrical goods. There are many dazzling products out there to buy today, and we’re providing a list of products that would make a great gift for any electric or technological enthusiast.

• The iPad Air – It’s thinner and lighter than previous iPads, and it weighs in at less than half a kilo. You won’t be leaving any finger prints on this device either and it can make for a super Christmas present this winter.

• Next up, the Sony Xperia Z1 – It’s a superb mobile phone that is actually waterproof. And this isn’t like the products where they say they’re waterproof and they actually are not. There really are no limits (if you don’t travel more than 2 metres under water), you can put a pair of goggles with some snorkels and play on your phone in the bathtub. Amazing.

• Another item that would be difficult to say no to this year is a frameless TV. There are plenty of frameless designs out there, and it’s turning into a bit of a trend, and why not? The frameless TV’s on offer are stunning, why waste space with a bulky frame when you can hav more screen.