Understanding how electric garage door operators work

You have probably seen electric garage door operators around. They help close and open the garage doors to eliminate the need for manual labour. Other than opening and closing doors, how does it work?

All kinds and brands of door operators for your garage follow the same mechanism.

Electric garage, counter to common belief, do not use electricity to give the doors’ lifting power. Preferably the electricity comes into play when managing the garage door. The electric operator allows the owner to regulate how far the door opens and closes through the electric motor. This motor, which is applied to open and close the door, can command the distance the garage door opens and closes by restricting the power once it gets a signal to do so from the remote control. This is a useful characteristic as it allows for easy management of the door.

If you notice, it has an electric motor that whirrs to life when you press the button. This motor turns in a clockwise direction to pull the doors of your garage open. When the off button is switched, it reverts to its original position and uses a counter-clockwise motion.

Convenience and pleasure with an electric garage door operator

If you are tired of the inconvenience caused by manual garage openers, the advance technology of this device can help you experience more pleasure and satisfaction. Its automatic functions make it user-friendly, so you would not need to decipher complicated commands and codes. Also, it also has additional features that can assist you in securing and protecting your precious car.

Types of electric garage door operators

There are various types of electric garage operators for the door of your garage. The most popular one is the chain-driven one as it is cheaper than the others. It pulls the doors open using chains that rub to the metal trolley. While this is cheap, it makes a lot of noise when you are closing or opening the door.

A less noisy but slightly more expensive alternative is the screw-driven type. Instead of using chains, it uses a rod that is inserted into a metal hole. The rod is the one that pulls the doors up and closes it backs down. Because there are fewer parts in this type of operator, it produces less noise.

The best one is the belt-driven types. It uses a belt-like structure that produces the least noise. It is more expensive than the other two.

Other Useful Features

It uses infrared technology drilled in beams and placed on either side of the door of your garage. When the beams do not meet each other, it means something is in the path of the garage door. It sends signals to the opener to revert to its original position as it is about to crash into something.

There are also wireless remote controllers nowadays that give users a chance to operate their electric garage door operators even without pressing the right code into the pad. The doors open with just a push of a button.

This is how electric garage door operators work. If you do not have one installed yet in the door of your garage, you should seriously consider investing in one for your convenience and the security of your family.