Upcoming Electrical Technology Leaps

The electrical industry is not so static as many people would believe. With big technological advances happening and often the industry is sure to see some huge leaps in the near future.

Solid State Lighting

This is a new technology that looks to contend with LED in the future. Solid state has seen some great leaps in its use in the realm of materials research. This hints at where solid-state lighting may ultimately go.


Organic Light Emitting Diode technology is becoming increasingly interesting. OLEDs have just begun to make their way onto the market, mostly in mobile phone displays, cameras and ultra-thin TVs. They make it possible for light sources to take new forms they can be made flat and even flexible, introducing radical new possibilities for lighting design.

 Quantum dots

Another new technology that shows promise, Quantum dots are tiny crystals of semiconducting material just a few tens of atoms across. They are typically made using some combination of zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur. When excited by electricity, the dots emit light of varying colors depending on the size of the dot and material used.