Why are air fryers so popular?

A kitchen appliance that has become so popular in recent months is the air fryer and in fact some supermarkets have started to include cooking instructions for air fryers on their food packaging. Most people who use an air fryer say that they use them so frequently that we wouldn’t want to be without them and finding one to buy is becoming more difficult so, why are they so popular and which features should I be looking out for when I buy one?

The main advantage that air fryers have over grilling, or oven baking food is that they are more energy efficient. Some models will even cook a whole chicken in a fraction of the time it takes to cook a chicken in the oven and unlike in a microwave the result is crispy and browned.

Air fryers have improved somewhat from when they were first advertised and now are more compact, have digital displays and variable heat settings. The original air fryers had a paddle that rotates the food as it is cooking but some models do not have a paddle, so an alarm indicates that it is time to give the food a shake halfway through the cooking time.

If you are thinking about purchasing an air fryer it is worth checking that the model has the capacity that is right for the size of your family.