How to choose the right computer for your home

Many of us are still having to work from home at the moment and it may be that you are making do with an old computer or laptop. Your computer can make a huge difference as to how productive you are. Having to wait ages for it to start up or finding that it suddenly crashes half way through your work can not only be frustrating but can also be extremely counterproductive.

Before you dive in to buying a new computer it is important to understand what specification you need. This will all depend on what you are going to be using it for and what budget you have to spend.

If you want to use a computer for graphical work and gaming then it may need to be lot higher spec than one that has been designed for word processing. Lots of new laptops do not have a huge hard drive installed in them and instead rely on you using external hard drives or saving work on to the cloud. This may be fine for some people but for others they may want to know that the work is being saved directly on to their computer, even if they then choose to back it up to the cloud. A good computer shop should be able to advice you on what model will be suit your personal needs.

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