Should we be scared of the listening devices in our living rooms?

More and more people are getting home listening devices in their homes such as Google nest and Amazon Alexa as they try to embrace new technology and make their lives easier in some ways. There has been however some debate about the wisdom of having a device in the home that could potentially be listening to conversations and tracking an individual’s internet searches and targeting marketing to these individuals as a result of this.

It is without doubt that we live in a world where our privacy is compromised continually as companies sell on our details to the highest bidder. Targeted advertising has become commonplace on our mobile devices so it would be very difficult to avoid this but the listening devices in our homes take this a step further as a recent development indicates that Alexa will be able to predict our next response from a question posed. For example, if we ask for the opening times of an attraction in a certain location the device will ask whether we want to kn...
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Is electric heating a good choice for the modern home?

When you are deciding on the main type of heating you will have in your home there are basically four options, gas, oil, solid fuel or electric. More recently there is also the greener option of solar panels and ground or air source heat pumps however these on their own are unlikely to provide all the energy needs for a home.

Energy provided by gas either mains or bottled has been a popular choice for many homeowners partly because mains gas has always been a cheaper option. Many people prefer to cook with gas appliances and find the ability to control gas hob rings better than electric. Gas boilers can provide heating for several radiators and provide instant hot water.

Oil used to be an expensive fuel to use for a household’s energy needs but more recently it has become cheaper as the global price of oil has fallen. It has benefits similar to gas except that an alternative cooking fuel source is needed.

In more recent times there has been much debate about the pollutio...
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Having the wiring checked in your home

Over the years electrical wiring standards have changed massively. What was once acceptable is no longer good practice but in older houses it can be usual to find lots of out dated writing. Often this only becomes apparent when you come to have work done on your home by an electrician. Although you may not legally need to change it, it can be good practice to get your wiring updated.

Often you may find that lights and sockets in your home do not have an earth. This is a safety feature which is now installed in all electrics but was not mandatory a number of years ago.

If you find that your electrics are tripping then you may have a fault that needs to be investigated.

An electrician will be able to carry out a test on the property to try and establish if there are any faults. Unfortunately, often they cannot tell you exactly what the fault is until they have done more checks and tests and this can be costly. If you need a full rewire you may have to fork out over a thousan...
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Save money by changing the lighting in your home

Most homeowners are eager to save money on their electricity and gas bills wherever possible and a simple way that some savings can be made is to look at the type of lighting in the home and whether it is economical in terms of energy efficiency.

The traditional incandescent light bulbs that were a common feature in many homes are expensive to use and do not last very long and so if there are light fittings and lamps in the home which use these bulbs it is a wise move to change the bulbs for energy efficient ones. Although these are more expensive initially there will be a huge saving made over just a few months. LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular as the lighting that they produce can be varied from bright white to warm white effects. They save the homeowner money in two ways firstly by using less electricity to run and secondly because they last longer than a standard bulb.

Further savings can be made by changing light fittings that use three or five bulbs for ones...
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