How to extend your Wi-Fi network correctly

Wi-Fi is so important to many of us. We spend a lot of time using the internet every day to play games, do internet banking or complete our food shop online. Over the last 12 months, many of us have had to work from home and have not been able to see our loved ones. You may have had to make many video calls during this time and if you internet isn’t up to scratch, then you may well struggle. A lot of issues with internet come from the speed you are able to get in your home. It may be that you only pay for a certain speed in which case your internet may be being throttled down. If you are not reaching the speeds you were promised, then it is likely there is an issue somewhere. This could be an issue at the Exchange, with the wiring from the exchange to the wiring coming into your property or something internally with your home. Once this has been rectified, you will usually find that your speed jumps right up.

If you are struggling to get Wi-Fi in certain parts of your home or ...
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How to choose the right computer for your home

Many of us are still having to work from home at the moment and it may be that you are making do with an old computer or laptop. Your computer can make a huge difference as to how productive you are. Having to wait ages for it to start up or finding that it suddenly crashes half way through your work can not only be frustrating but can also be extremely counterproductive.

Before you dive in to buying a new computer it is important to understand what specification you need. This will all depend on what you are going to be using it for and what budget you have to spend.

If you want to use a computer for graphical work and gaming then it may need to be lot higher spec than one that has been designed for word processing. Lots of new laptops do not have a huge hard drive installed in them and instead rely on you using external hard drives or saving work on to the cloud. This may be fine for some people but for others they may want to know that the work is being saved directly on t...
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Do you have electrical gadgets you do not use?

Many of us are guilty of buying new electrical gadgets that we only use once and then store away in a cupboard. It is easy to get swept away with marketing and buy gadgets because they are sold in such a way that makes us think that we need them. For example, you may go to your local supermarket and find an egg cooker that will cook boiled eggs in under 10 minutes. You may think that this is useful and instantly put one in your trolley, but will it really save you that much time or be a lot easier than boiling a pan of water?

Most gadgets are designed to save time, money, hassle or mess. Some gadgets are sold that they will do all of these things. Gadgets for the kitchen are often the thing that most people say they have too many of. If you have not used a gadget for a number of months, you may not really need it. Rather than just putting it in the bin why not try and sell it and recoup some of your money back. You may wish to donate your electrical goods to a charity shop but n...
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Choosing a new hair dryer

Choosing a new hair dryer can sometimes be hard work. It may be an electrical appliance that you use most days so you need it to be good, but you don’t get the opportunity to try them out in the shops. All you have to go off is the specification on the box and although two dryers can seem to be the same, they may well perform totally differently.

You also need to think about the accessories that come with it. Most hair dryers come with a directional nozzle, but not all so it is important to check. If you want a diffuser too, then again double check before buying as it is often not included with all hair dryers as standard.

Some hair dryers have loads of extras such as brushes, hair bands, clips and even a hard case or bag. It is always worth looking out for these sorts of deals as often you can save a lot of money compared to if you would of had to buy it all separately.

Some places will allow you to return electrical items if you are not satisfied with it. But it may be...
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Is it ok to give electrical goods as a Christmas present?

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away many people are doing their last minute buys in preparation for the big day. When it comes to choosing gifts for someone, you may struggle to know what to buy them. Some people just want presents that they need which may appear a little boring to others while others may not care what they have as long as it is a surprise. When it comes to electrical goods, again people have mixed reviews. Some people do not want to receive technology such as tablets, music systems or kitchen electrical good such as coffee makers and blenders, whereas others don’t mind at all and actually welcome something that is going to be useful. It is important to try and gauge the opinion of the person you are buying for. If your budget allows you could always buy one electrical item and then a different item too so they have the best of both worlds. Often hair dryers, straighteners and phones are a quite welcomed gift in many households. IF you are buying anything ...
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