Essential Tools For The Electrician

An electrician is acutely aware that the tools he uses make a big impact on the job at hand. Not just the quality of the finish, but the speed and efficiency of a job can be improved with the right tools.

This post aims to list some of the essential tools for the efficient electrician.

Wire Strippers

Electricians spend a lot of time stripping wires, so it makes sense to invest in some quality wire strippers. Choose a durable wire stripper that features a good number of different sized teeth for stripping different sized wire, along with a sharp pair of clips, so you’re covered for all eventualities.

Voltmeter and Ammeter

A voltmeter is a truly essential tool for any electrician as it is used to test if a circuit is live and to confirm equipment is safe before you start working. A voltmeter is also an excellent tool to have at your disposal when troubleshooting circuits and diagnosing faults.

Insulated Screwdrivers

Having a selection of both Philips and flathead screw drivers is vital for any electrician. Given the variety of screw sizes you can expect to come across it is important that you have the correct sized screwdriver bits available.